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Support St Marys

St Marys Community Centre is a registered charity and relies on community support to help run and create projects that support people having difficulties. Whether it's a donation, spending some of your time volunteering, or just sharing our social posts; we appreciate your support and it makes projects like the Social Supermarket possible. 


Find out what community projects we're running currently.

Last year we helped over 350 people and delivered more than 3400 meals to low income families through our Social Supermarket.


Get Involved


St Marys funding comes in part from donations from people like yourself. Whether it’s a one off donation or a regular monthly donation, we really appreciate it and it really helps people in less fortunate circumstances than yourself. 


St Marys operates many volunteer programmes. We’re always on the lookout for people to volunteer their time, with running programmes or being a part of them. If you have a skill or knowledge (and time on your hands) get in touch, because we’d love to create a program where you can pass on that knowledge.

Business Partnerships

We are always looking for business partnerships. Partnerships may be in a variety of forms such as; regular donations from a supermarket from our social supermarket programmes, sponsorships, volunteer coaching services where you have the opportunity to pass on your knowledge. 

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