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Meet our Volunteers- Introducing David

I first came to St Mary’s as a client of the Social Supermarket back in November 2021. It was by coming to that I was introduced to the community lunch on a Thursday. I think because of by working history in food retail, it was not long before I was volunteering. This gave me the opportunity to share my skills.

St Mary’s is a great place to build your confidence, volunteering here gives you some purpose. The people here, both the staff and the volunteers are a pleasure to work with. The environment is both welcoming and supportive, and that is what has kept me coming back.

I do recommend my family and wide circle of friends come along and not just for community meal, but through promoting all their services; citizens advice, support buddies, social supermarket, OAP lunch.

What I like most of all is the variety, no two days are the same.

It would be really good if the Coaching offer could be brought back. I found it really invaluable myself and I am sure it would be really beneficial for others.

I am leaving my volunteering role now as I have a job working in a customer service based role within Student Services at Sheffield Hallam University.

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