The Common Good


Following on from its previous events Womens Interfaith Forum Presents Faith and Society The Common Good on Sunday 10th February 2019 1-3pm at St Mary’s Bramall Lane .

Messy Church

If enjoyed St Mary’s Messy Christmas, the next Messy Church is this Friday 18th January.  If you used #FollowTheStar why not start the new year with a new activity you can share as a family and with your St Mary’s family.

Long stories not short readings

A Christmas Community Storytelling of Two Baby Boys

two baby boys

The Bible is full of long stories that jump the section headings, and that don’t parcel up neatly into the short lengths that you hear read in a typical service. A box set rather than a poem, a feature film rather than a tweet. Stories that were whispered, gossiped and giggled from person to person long before they were more formally told in places of worship, let alone written down.

At St Mary’s we are experimenting with biblical storytelling, giving time and space to a sweep of a story. Our first storytelling took place on Maundy Thursday, when we told the story of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter morning, all from the gospel of Luke. The ‘telling’ is important, direct speech using un-edited words from the bible, learnt by heart and told to the listeners without the props of book or lectern. It has an urgency, an ‘I was there’ quality. We share the telling, so the story passes between different people, quieter and louder voices, the flamboyant and the reflective, old, young, women, men. In the month or two before the storytelling event, each storyteller ‘lives’ with their bit of the story, not just learning the words but working through decisions of meaning, emphasis and emotion. And then it comes together and we are all both listeners and tellers, taking turns on the floor, hearing the story emerge from our individual efforts. It’s good to finally have an audience too – fresh ears – catching different echoes and themes, as the story shifts between the famous passages and those often passed over.

This December we are telling the Christmas stories from Luke and Matthew, but with a twist from the usual selection – not one but two baby boys. They were cousins of sorts, born six months apart. Both had angels announce their birth and gave them their names, but one was a longed for child of older parents, while the other came at an awkward time. The son of a priest, when John grew up he lived in extreme poverty in the desert, gathering followers as he challenged people to turn away from their sins and baptising them in the river. After an unconventional birth story (more angels, shepherds, wise men), surviving a death warrant and spending a few years as a refugee in Egypt, Jesus grew up quietly as the son and apprentice of the village carpenter. Until, thirty years later, when he met up with John at the River Jordan.

We look forward to sharing our Christmas Community Storytelling with you. Fifteen voices, re-telling one story. No singing. No sermon. Words straight from the bible.

4-5pm Sunday 4th December. St Marys’ Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield.  

  • TimeBuilders Summer Playschemes
  • TimeBuilders Summer Playschemes
  • TimeBuilders Summer Playschemes
  • TimeBuilders Summer Playschemes

TimeBuilders Summer Playschemes

TimeBuilders is about finding ways of doing things that don’t need money.

Because money has been tight in recent years most of the summer playschemes for families on low incomes have been cut. So people are sitting at home doing nothing instead of getting out and making community happen.

Our TimeBuilder playschemes have been running for the last 3 years and the formula is simple: take an empty space, mix the time and talents that people want to give, sprinkle a few Time Credits, mix in a Bouncy Castle and our Food Hub cafe and you’ve created  a DIY playscheme. This week over 100 families came and had fun, brilliantly supported by a team of cheerful TimeBuilders


  • Introducing: St Mary’s Cafe
  • Introducing: St Mary’s Cafe
  • Introducing: St Mary’s Cafe
  • Introducing: St Mary’s Cafe

Introducing: St Mary’s Cafe

At St Mary’s, the café is a hub for people from all walks of life to sit and eat together.

Volunteers at the Timebuilders project work together to cook up healthy, affordable meals for local people  If you’ve earned a pocketful of timecredits, you can exchange one for a main meal and a drink with your fellow volunteers (find out more about Timebuilders here:

Much of the delicious food provided in our café comes from Fare Share, an organisation that aims to tackle the twin problems of food poverty and food waste.

  • 5.8 million people in the UK live in ‘deep poverty’, making it hard for them to afford every day essentials, including food.
  • At the same time, 3.9 million tonnes of food is wasted every year by the food and drink industry.

They estimate that 10% of this is surplus and fit for consumption, enough food  for 800 million meals.  As a busy community centre in the heart of the city, we’re well placed to provide people with an opportunity to benefit from Fare Share.

As well as doing our bit to upcycle waste food, we supplement our supplies with produce from the growing hub, carefully cultivated by the ‘Speak and Grow’ global gardening group.  Often the vegetables, fruit and herbs in your meal were harvested just a couple of hours before being served.

St Mary’s Café operates on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 11.30-2.00pm.

Main meals are £4.10/1 Timecredit

Soft drinks, coffee and snacks are also served.

Speak and Grow

Speak and Grow’ is a garden project that welcomes and encourages people from all around the world to share their gardening skills while learning English. It’s becoming increasingly popular and as the group gets bigger, they are taking on more ambitious projects around the grounds of St Mary’s.  This is Ro and ‘Team Win’ creating a herb bed on an unused bit of ground in front of the Church, building community, growing food, keeping fit and having fun.

Watch our Video Here