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EASTER services

EASTER services

Behold the Man* (Norman Adams)
We see Jesus preparing for immense suffering. Beneath the flame-coloured crown of thorns, his face is imprisoned behind bars, or perhaps the cross itself. Although the colours are bright, his eyes are dark, blinded by crosses. The painting’s diamond shape resembles an opened out envelope: something to convey a message perhaps?

Passiontide -Holy Week – Easter @ St Mary’s Bramall Lane 2024
You are invited to join with us as we mark Jesus’ journey into Jerusalem, his passion, death and resurrection. This is at the heart of our Christian Faith and our community life at St Mary’s.

Palm Sunday – 24th March 10.30am
Marking Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, palm crosses and the story of His passion

Maundy Thursday – 28th March 7pm
A reflective service pondering together Jesus final meal with his disciples

Good Friday – 29th March 11am -1pm
A space for all ages to reflect on the meaning of Good Friday: activities; prayers; quiet space; food

Easter Day – 31st March Alleluia, He is Risen!
9.30am – join us for breakfast
10.30am - Church service; celebrating together Jesus’ Resurrection

*Methodist Art Collection

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