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Debt Advice Service and Volunteering Opportunities

The service is currently available each Wednesday 10 until 4. Please contact to book.

Debt Advice Service and Volunteering Opportunities

Community Money Advice (CMA)

St Mary’s church and community centre have been providing face to face debt advice over two years and remains the only in person service readily available to our communities.

Living and struggling with debt can cause stress and anxiety, as well as shame. Many people are unable to talk about their problems with family and friends and find an independent, non-judgemental adviser easier to work with.

Each case is different and will require a different response. Some people’s situations can be dealt with quickly, while others may be more complex and take time. This will mean a commitment to finding a resolution from the client.

You will be asked for some personal and sensitive information to help the advisers find the most effective way forward. This is really important, and we can help you gather what is needed.

All our Debt Advisers are trained, and the service has to comply with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) so you can feel reassured your information is kept within strict confidential guidelines.

The Debt Advice Service accept referrals from organisation across the city. If you are interested or have a client you feel would benefit from our support please contact:

Over the last two years the CMA have:

supported 99 individual clients

managed a total debt of £410,245

the average debt was £4,143

54% of clients were female and 44% male

17% were under 17 years of age while 37% were between 41-59 years of age.

We need your help! We are looking for some dedicated volunteers who would be willing to train to become new advisers, so we can maintain and hopefully grow our service.

Ideally you will have some experience of advice work or working with community.

Currently we run the service on a Wednesday, but please talk to us if that doesn’t suit you.

We are also looking for a volunteer Administrator for 2.5 hours a week, which would be a great way to come and learn about what is involved in becoming an adviser.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please contact:

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