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As the world changes around us it is really important to have a space to reflect. Christianity, alongside other spiritual traditions, has always offered wisdom that can help us navigate through life. It is a wisdom which is deeply necessary for us now as we face the challenges of this global pandemic. This is our reflective space to help during this time.


Life can be difficult for all sorts of reasons. Having space just to breathe can be really helpful and help us to get back in touch with our inner self that we neglect most of the time. Covid has caused us all to be more anxious and feel more disconnected. The Quiet Space at St Mary’s offers space to get back in touch with yourself and with God.

We will post thoughts and reflections on this site which you may find helpful.

We hope to be able to hold a Quiet Space at St Mary’s where you can come to the building – details will be posted here.

So where to begin? May be just find a seat and sit for a while be conscious of your breathing, getting in touch with our breath can be an important resource for keeping us grounded and in touch with our inner self. The Welcoming Prayer Method may be of use.



Reflection – Miriam Cavanagh


This year has been challenging for all, it has been very hard at times to see a glimpse of light through the heaviness and messiness of life let alone to be thankful.  The cries of our African American brothers and sisters in USA “I can’t Breathe”, has been haunting every waking moment.

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