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Reasons to Sing

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

St Mary's are excited to continue our project with Steel City Choristers called Reasons to Sing!


Reasons to Sing! is an exploration of the role that songs play in our lives and the way in which they help us express and process our emotions and support us on our spiritual journey.

From the 20 song choices below by people from St Mary's Social Supermarket and Cafe, six favourite songs have been chosen and paired by Steel City Choristers with six pieces from the traditional English choral repertoire.

They are:

Count on me; Walking on sunshine; Father and son; God will make a way; This is me; and Mama.

Rehearsals started in September

Community singers joined with Steel City Choristers for a concert at St Mary's in October 2023


1. Odette has chosen God will make a way by Don Moen as her favourite song. It encourages her in difficult circumstances.

2. David has chosen This is me by Justin Paul and Ben Pasek as his favourite song. An anthem of inclusivity and diversity from The Greatest Showman.

3. Jacqui has chosen Love me like you wanna be loved by Red Rum Club as her favourite song. A happy, uplifting song about the kind of love we all wish for.

4. Anthony has chosen Should I stay or should I go by The Clash as his favourite song. Reminds him of being a punk growing up, it makes him feel alive.

5. Nikita has chosen Summertime by Vybz Kartel as her favourite song. Captures summery feelings of sitting back with friends and lifts her mood.

6. Arron has chosen Flight of Dragons by Don Maclean as his favourite song. the song transports him to a solemn, magical world.

7. Lesley has chosen Especially for you by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue as her favourite song. She loved watching Neighbours especially Kylie and Jason's wedding.

8. Clare has chosen Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson as her favourite song. A visionary song about change starting in ourselves and countries supporting each other.

9. Serene has chosen Maria by Blondie as her favourite song. A quality song from the 80s with great vocals and harmonies.

10. Hevin has chosen Aah W Noss by Nancy Ajram. She remembers the song from her youth, sings along feeling happy.

11. Julia has chosen Count on me by Bruno Mars. A song that reminds her of two good friends - the three of them have been able to count on each other in life's trials. (click link to view the performance)

12. Barbara has chosen I don't care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. A song that gives her high energy for chores around the house.

13. George has chosen Rosalie by Thin Lizzy. A 'proper rock song' to dance to by a band that's grown on him through playing in his own band.

14. Cathy has chosen If I fell by the Beatles which she finds tentatively hopeful and she loves the harmonies.

15. Headley has chosen I wanna give you tomorrow by Benny Troy, a song with brilliant dance energy that he finds spiritual.

16. Maureen has chosen Mama by the Spice Girls, a gentle song, beautiful and true, that reminds Maureen of her dear Mum. That brings tears to her eyes. ( Click link to view the performance)

17. Naomi has chosen Walking on sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, a song she listens to in the morning to boast her mood and energise her.

18. Sarah has chosen Bitter Sweet by Lianne la Lavas, a song that 'got her in the heart', resonating with a difficult time she was going through.

19. Abdul has chosen Father and Son by Cat Stephens. A song that reminds him of his Dad and inspired him to grow up and set a good example to his own children.

20. Merys has chosen Suddenly like a stranger/Last thing on my mind by Steps. A song that takes her back to a very happy time seeing Steps live with her sister and her magical joy of singing along with others.

With many thanks to our funders:

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