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Manager for Teach English

Aroose UppalI have been working at St Mary’s Community Centre since 1995, first as part time and then became full time in 2004. Prior to this work I was working as an Advice Worker with FACE Advice Centre in Rotherham. I met people who struggled with their personal and financial situations and we helped them improve their situations.

My passion in working with people has mostly come from my life experiences. I have seen the benefits of this work when someone is keen to improve the quality of their life and facilities are made available to them.

I am of Pakistani origin and born in Uganda. I speak 4 languages fluently, Urdu, Punjabi, Swedish and English. I had my first migration in 1973, when we had to leave Uganda, became stateless and went to Austria. I stayed in a refugee camp. In 1985 we got accepted by Sweden and my education started there. I went to comprehensive school and then university where I studied social studies. I then migrated to England in 1987, was a housewife until 2001, I started to get qualifications in admin and counselling level 2. My personal experiences shaped my career in wanting to work with people.

I enjoy working with so many different cultures, where respect is paramount to different beliefs and traditions, which I love in my work.