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Christian Aid week 2000
From Yo Tozer-Loft:

Christian Aid Week is still happening!

Usually St Marys raises £1000 and it would be fabulous to still support this wonderful charity at this time!
Here’s how we can do it:
  • I have a list with 100 Ten Pound Pledges
  • Let me know many pledges you wish to donate (or you may wish to share one Pledge between you and your friend, £5 each)
  • Go to Christian Aid Website (you can click on link below), click on red donate button, give your money (add gift aid if you are tax payer- I don’t need to know about gift aid but great for Christian Aid to get more!)
  • Let me know by text (or whatsapp) when you’ve paid so I can tick you off
Trying to get all donations ‘in’ by what would have been our Lazy Sunday 10th May 2020
Giving this way and communicating with me means we can have a ‘St Marys Total’ to celebrate and to tell Sheffield Christian Aid.
Hope to hear from you and thank you
07925 634420
PS Hoping our Home-Worship and Zoom-Worship in May will include Christian Aid stories too: its all about access to clean water.
PPS The new St Marys webapp is showing how much we’ve raised!