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TimeBuilders Summer Playschemes

TimeBuilders is about finding ways of doing things that don’t need money.

Because money has been tight in recent years most of the summer playschemes for families on low incomes have been cut. So people are sitting at home doing nothing instead of getting out and making community happen.

Our TimeBuilder playschemes

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Introducing: St Mary’s Cafe

At St Mary’s, the café is a hub for people from all walks of life to sit and eat together.

Volunteers at the Timebuilders project work together to cook up healthy, affordable meals for local people  If you’ve earned a pocketful of timecredits, you can exchange one for a main meal and a drink with

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Speak and Grow

Speak and Grow’ is a garden project that welcomes and encourages people from all around the world to share their gardening skills while learning English. It’s becoming increasingly popular and as the group gets bigger, they are taking on more ambitious projects around the grounds of St Mary’s.  This is

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Local Designer Launches New Products at Mary’s Marvellous Vintage & Craft Market

Talented Sheffield Ceramicist, Lianne Mellor, has just completed a new range of products.

There is a collection of adorable and quirky animal face brooches featuring woodland creatures, including badgers and hares, along with a colourful and contemporary range of little stacking pinch pots all handmade in her Sheffield based studio.

Lianne who

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