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We are really enjoying getting to know the students from Sheffield College with additional support needs who come to us every Friday to learn new skills and make friends in the community. Over the past few weeks the group have enjoyed gardening sowing seeds and planting potatoes and weaving making bags and phone cases.

Lunch times are normally a quiet affair where everyone enjoys food after a hard mornings work. This afternoon though things really bucked the trend! Having heard the beat of music from the room next door a couple of the girls ran to the window and asked to join in. Within minutes they were dancing and jumping around with the rest of class, huge grins plastered across their faces!

Meanwhile a couple of the boys were talking about music and asked to listen to JLS and Daughter and gathered together to sing and dance to ‘Get Lucky’. They didn’t miss a word or a beat! It was a memorable and entertaining lunchtime – hope it’s the start of things to come.