Building a Community with St Mary’s

squash-kitchenSt Mary’s is more than a venue, we are also a charity working with local people to discover the strength and ability to change their lives.

Much of this work is done through our TimeBuilders project which uses Time Credits to create networks of friends and do the work needed to make people and communities stronger.

Through TimeBuilders we learn what each person can give to help make society the place we want it to be. Almost all our members are unemployed, a third have mental health difficulties and many have chronic ill health. But they are assets in the community, and TimeBuilders makes it happen.

People work with us to build strong communities and for each hour they earn a Time Credit which can be spent on rewards from our partners.

Timebuilders Projects

foodcycle cafes, st marysFoodCycle Cafés
We tackle food poverty, using surplus good food to cook and serve tasty meals in pop up community cafés.




bollywood, st marysConnecting
Our members’ groups allow us to share skills, talents and passions, while our events celebrate our work and invite others to join us.




Barts garden, st marysGrowing
Our volunteers grow organic food in unused city spaces, supplying community cafés and FoodCycle hubs.




litter picking, st marysLocal Environment
Litter makes a place look ugly. So each week a group improve things by clearing it up.




social group, st marys

Our volunteers run informal classes in a variety of subjects. Our main focus is spoken English for learners of all levels.




mesters, st marysMaking
Our volunteers run communal workshops where tools, materials and skills can be shared, recycling, restoring & reusing.




volunteer, st marys   tramlines tickets, st marys pancake day, st marys

Click the TimeBuilders link below to find out more information:

timebuilders, sheffield




If you would like to look into where the money is used within the community, please follow the link to our annual social report:

St Mary’s Annual Report 2016-17