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St Marys Newsletter Admin Page

Instructions for uploading the weekly church newsletter

1. Get the PDF ready to go with a filename of the form smnlYYYYMMDD[DDth MONTH YYYY].pdf (where YYYY is the year, MM the month number, MONTH the month name, DD the date in the month of the Sunday).  The bit in square brackets will become the ‘title’ of the document when it appears in a list on the website.

2. Use the ‘Uploading new files’ section below to upload the file.  You will have to navigate to the ‘newsletters’ folder then to the correct folder for the current year with the ‘Destination directory’ dropdown.  Click on ‘add files’ to select the PDF file from your computer, then the ‘file up’ button to upload the file to the selected directory.

If that went well, the PDF is sitting in the right place in the archive, but now we need to make it the current newsletter so that it appears automatically, with a preview, on the newsletters page.  To do that we have to copy the new PDF to the newsletters folder, delete the file called current_smnl.pdf then rename the new PDF to have the name current_smnl.pdf.

3. Under ‘Church newsletters management’ section below, navigate to the folder where you’ve just put the new PDF. At the bottom right of the table of files, click on ‘Bulk action mode: Disabled’ so that it says ‘Bulk action mode: Enabled’ then from ‘Select action’ choose ‘Copy’.

4. Now you have to select the file(s) you want to copy, so choose the new PDF by clicking once on the title not the file name (which would open the file instead of selecting it).

5. Now choose the ‘Destination directory’ which will just be ‘newsletters’.  Click on ‘file away’ to copy the file.

6. Navigate to the ‘newsletters’ folder (by clicking on ‘newsletters’ just under the ‘Church newsletters management’ heading.

7. Select current_smnl.pdf (by clicking on the empty title box – clicking the name will open the file.  Click ‘delete’ and when prompted, ‘proceed’ to remove the file.

8. Select the new PDF file and click on ‘rename’. Change the file name to current_smnl (you can’t see or change the .pdf extension) and remove the ‘title’. Click ‘save’.

9.  Check that its worked by ensuring the the newsletters page shows a preview of the new PDF, and that the newsletters archive shows the new PDF file with the right title in the right year box.

Uploading new files

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